Monday, August 22, 2011

Ten hints for new eBay sellers (MUST)

What we need to pay attention, or what we need to prepare, or how to confront. These all would be difficult problems for starting eBay business. While looking around in many book stores, heap of eBay tutorials unfold before your eyes. I flipped though a lot, yet most of those tutorials do explain how to use eBay or any operations at eBay. There are just a sprinkling of sharing business experiences and for this reason I am glad to share this.

The following ten hints in the light of any situations for new sellers could help you to start easily.

Funds: It would determine how you start. There are plenty of difference between bourgeois and enterprises.

Goods supply: The goods variety and the stability would affect the business and profit directly.

Verification: New sellers will confront the unpredictable changes of eBay policy and a series of verification procedures. It might make you lose advantage in short business opportunity.

Marketing: Competitions and demands do determine success or failure. It divides into two major markets, which is inside eBay and outside.

I.T. knowledge: It determines the work efficiency. Please do not look down on it. High efficiency would determine the business opportunity and the cost directly.

Shipping: It affects the cost and the customers satisfaction. In fact most sellers have been defeated on this issue.

Products knowledge: Suggesting you to conduct some products to be good at. Your products knowledge do not only solve any questions from customers, and also determine the business on the basis of setting up the marketing devices.

Service: The most important thing for confronting eBay customers is your service rather than selling skills. It is not the efficient way to bring into full play on such B2C mode even though how prefect of your tongue.

Relationship with eBay staff: Making friends with them asap and you would get any unexpected gains.

Knowledge in eBay policy: Despite of verification, it is also essential to avoid varied snares. Many predicaments such as account blocks would also make them depressed. Besides, for new sellers online deception is also the main issue which need to be pointed out.