Monday, August 22, 2011

Ten hints for new eBay sellers (MUST)

What we need to pay attention, or what we need to prepare, or how to confront. These all would be difficult problems for starting eBay business. While looking around in many book stores, heap of eBay tutorials unfold before your eyes. I flipped though a lot, yet most of those tutorials do explain how to use eBay or any operations at eBay. There are just a sprinkling of sharing business experiences and for this reason I am glad to share this.

The following ten hints in the light of any situations for new sellers could help you to start easily.

Funds: It would determine how you start. There are plenty of difference between bourgeois and enterprises.

Goods supply: The goods variety and the stability would affect the business and profit directly.

Verification: New sellers will confront the unpredictable changes of eBay policy and a series of verification procedures. It might make you lose advantage in short business opportunity.

Marketing: Competitions and demands do determine success or failure. It divides into two major markets, which is inside eBay and outside.

I.T. knowledge: It determines the work efficiency. Please do not look down on it. High efficiency would determine the business opportunity and the cost directly.

Shipping: It affects the cost and the customers satisfaction. In fact most sellers have been defeated on this issue.

Products knowledge: Suggesting you to conduct some products to be good at. Your products knowledge do not only solve any questions from customers, and also determine the business on the basis of setting up the marketing devices.

Service: The most important thing for confronting eBay customers is your service rather than selling skills. It is not the efficient way to bring into full play on such B2C mode even though how prefect of your tongue.

Relationship with eBay staff: Making friends with them asap and you would get any unexpected gains.

Knowledge in eBay policy: Despite of verification, it is also essential to avoid varied snares. Many predicaments such as account blocks would also make them depressed. Besides, for new sellers online deception is also the main issue which need to be pointed out.



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ten hints for eBay business - Why it does not work for selling my products?

Many people hope to start an eBay business but beaten by different problems, especially when they earned so little even paid a lot. Everyone is blaming eBay which is the game world of those veterans what they believe.



一. 美國本土品牌 - 美國賣家所賣的價錢往往比外國的便宜,價錢上您已經失去優勢,除非閣下取得地區代理。
二. 日常用品 - 如電子部件﹑汽車零件等等,競爭者數之不盡,尤其是內地人同樣可以輕易生產的貨品。
三. 利潤低產品 - 即使賣出數量很多,也跟各位的工作負擔不成正例。

另外額外例子如: 唱片影碟﹑書籍﹑ 相機部件﹑遊戲機部件等等都不適合各位在eBay大展掌腳的產品,除非閣下在eBay外已經是「大賣家」。

一. DIY產品及手工藝品,閣下將賺取第一手利潤。
二. 以款式為主導的產品,如服裝﹑手袋﹑鞋類等等
三. 化妝品及護膚品
四. 潛在性熱賣產品

正當IPHONE 5 只聞樓梯響時,眼見IPHONE 4機殼頗有市場,各位有否考慮了解IPHONE 5尺寸資料後尋找廠家率先訂造一批呢?







Monday, August 8, 2011

Ten hints for eBay business - Fund shortage = Can not make money?

Fund is an essential consideration on starting business.How different eBay is, it would let you make money by few investment. I do not intend to share with you under the condition of circulating fund and abundant good supplies. So many people would ask that how to start it when they undergo fund shortage.

Ten thousands? One thousand? No! You can do it even few hundreds.

Online design agency - Mr. Wong Tin Chi, who is the founder of anyidea.com, revealed that he just invested hundreds dollars few years ago.

There are many factors that make you succeed. Fund shortage is not the main obstacle for starting your business.

The best way is to focus on those seasonal hot items when you are really experiencing since you do not have to consider demands. Those tools provided by eBay are not enough for searching which kind of items are popular.

The following tools could help you to search hot items by keywords in eBay categories instantly.

For understanding which kind of items ebayers are interested by hot keywords.

Functional, highly recommended.

This tool could also show you the total quantity sold and any referable datas.

After focusing those items that you deemed to be confident, please do the followings first:

1. Review how many item quantities your fund could support, and further how long it could support if they were being sold continuely.

2. The weight and the size included packing do affect the shipping and your profit.

After that we need to find good supplies. Any online resources such as Taobao or Alibaba are also good choices but you have to be careful on credits. In order to get lower price, you would lose everything most at this moment if not see the forest for the trees. I suggest you to go to Shenzhen wholesale market.

It is better to focus on 2-3 kinds of items and thus try to get advantageous cost. Of course it is not an easy job, especially fighting for lower cost. It is essential to visit some online wholesale sites which are public for searching the market standards, and further compare with your competitors if it is advantaged.

The law under the condition of same items in eBay: Lower price + Top rated seller = Sold more

Certainly it is a short plan. You could not extend it, and for the most part your competitors would reduce the price when they were being threatened after all. Basically, it is not a good idea for a long fight. You shall change your target constantly until you get more abundant money and feedback.



Sunday, August 7, 2011

SUPER CHEATS: Make money on eBay for FREE? (2)

Previous paragraph: http://stephenbaby-ebayeng.blogspot.com/2011/08/super-cheats-make-money-on-ebay-for.html

Formula for making money = Price sold in U.S. ebay - Price bid from elsewhere (Cost) - Fees of eBay and paypal = Profit

Therefore I decided to find good sources on different online auction sites.

The most commonly site in Chinese:

Hong Kong: Yahoo Hong Kong
Taiwan: Taiwan Kimo, ruten.com.tw
Mainland: Taobao, Alibaba

I had also searched on Yahoo Japan auction and after all I could make a deal by holding my registered account. Because of risk, I gave up the idea of Alibaba.

In a short time, I found four different sellers who were selling that Batman model on ruten. By price comparison, I could still gained an averaged USD80-100 for each after deducting fees charged by eBay and paypal. Since these were free shipping offers, I spent two days to write the template and listed undoubtedly.

Certainly, there were no items in my hand. I were not even worried about the shipping since they did purchased from those Taiwan sellers thus being sent to my customers directly.

And consequently I resold their measures on behalf of those sellers successfully and gained money easily.
My task was just as followings:
1. Write template
2. Reply few emails
3. Buy and pay

You would ask me that doesn't it violate eBay policy? I just laugh out of court since it could not be changed after all. The other fact is, there are many orders from pretending ebayers, shipped to the addresses which are different to the registered addresses of those pretenders. By the way, there's one kind of buyers pretend to be collectors and tend to have special requests on shipping or packing. You would find that a lot of them are resellers.

Though there are no free tools for price comparison between Chinese auction sites and eBay, I recommend NEXTAG for English. It's free and useful for establishing sales device, selling price and finding good supplies.




Saturday, August 6, 2011

SUPER CHEATS: Make money on eBay for FREE?

No need funds! Just spend your time and patience to make money! Still doubting? Read the following super cheats !!

This is not a dream. I am glad to share my real experience. Few years ago while I was working, even though I got in touch with eBay fully, the money gained does not belonged to myself after all. Thus I tried to sell on eBay personally.

In those days I went around eBay.com and found one kind of popular juggles - LEGO. There are two models which is the most expensive and most rarely of Batman series in the same theme.

First of all I carried out a simple search since I know nothing about this. After consideration I decided to compare the item description with other competitors. For the most part they would be described as 'rarely' in the item description. In a short time, I targeted a specific rare model.

You might ask me what ever I found the target. How to make money?

This is simple! Play the game of regional balance.

Formula for making money = Price sold in U.S. ebay - Price bid from elsewhere (Cost) - Fees of eBay and paypal = Profit

(To be continued)



Sharings: Is it easy to start my eBay business?

Having heard many business thoughts from my friends, but no ideas from them. Lots of people heard eBay. Believing that those eBay veterans got the same vibration: full of difficultly. Certainly, everyone would enjoy if it's an easy task. (wry smile)

Before sharing, I have to explain the fact that I've been taking on B2C channels in different companies for the past many years. Inevitably it's preferable to focus on any positions related in eBay when spinning jobs. Having heard that: Online business? eBay? Working at home?

This is the same reaction that I got. Who knows here're lots of sellers even companies are able to keep their employees included employers with the constant business scales. It's a good witness from the interviews. The most general companies, which have been getting over ten thousands feedback, are to conduct digital camera accessories, or rc products, car accessories, costume products, computer accessories and so on, operating efficiently with stable good supplies.

You would flinch after hearing this news. However, nothing is impossible, the competitiveness in eBay has been extended comparing with 10 years ago even 5 years ago, which is something it could not been denied..